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Project Management

The concept of project management is a vague yet essential part of the average work environment. Typically, this process is overlooked by the average person, and its function within academic, business, and research environments is essential to the development of products, theories, and success. The idea behind project management is to separate a group of people, small or large depending on the size of the company, and focus their efforts on a goal or ‘project’. Each company or organization has a different methodology when it comes to arranging their project management group. However, these organizations usually follow a core set of ideas or concepts that have been proven successful in the development of goals. Two factors contribute to the overall goals of a project management team, individual skills on the team and the process by which those skills are applied.

To begin a discussion about project management, it is good to break down the separate parts of the organization and look at the necessary skills for successful project managers. Each company has specific qualities which a candidate for employment should possess. For example, the International Health Economics Association recently posted a job position for a project manager online. Some of the required responsibilities are as follows; “Understand client requirements…Supervise data collection and analysis…Evaluate data…Develop findings and recommendations which are appropriate to client requirements” (IHEA 2004). Another emphasis, which seems to be the same across many job postings, is an ability to participate in the international market. In the current global business world, very few large companies or organizations limit their resear...

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...ach individual project is vital to achieve success in the business world.

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