Learning Patience and Responsibility at Hell's Pizza Essay

Learning Patience and Responsibility at Hell's Pizza Essay

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Learning Patience and Responsibility at Hell's Pizza

Even the job from hell can teach you patience and responsibility. When you hear the name Peter Piper Pizza, you may think a fun family restaurant. When I hear Peter Piper Pizza I get chills down my spine. Having worked there for about two years, I started to get annoyed over every little thing that was a part of my job. I had the worst position that they had, Game Technician. When I first applied for the job, the game guy was going to be the easiest job that I could find. Little did I know that this position taught me the more about being patient and responsible than any other experience I have had.

It was mid sophomore year of high school when I started the job hunt. I applied to many places, grocery stores, restaurants, and even the movie theaters. No reply from any of them. It was about a month and a half when Bob from Peter Piper Pizza called me up looking for new employees.

“Hey this is Bob from Peter Piper Pizza, is this Brandon” Bob asked.
“Yes it is” I replied.
“How would you like to come in and work for us at Peter Piper Pizza” asked Bob?
“I would love to,” as I smiled with a huge grin on my face.
“Well ok I will see you tomorrow for your interview” Bob stated.
“Ok see you there” I said.

I was so excited that I was finally going to have a job. I was a little nervous about the job interview, but that was a piece of cake. The interview lasted only about five minutes. An easy question here and an easy one there, and before I knew it I was the new game technician at Peter Piper Pizza. I was so happy once the interview was over; I was telling everyone that I had just got a job. Right after the interview me any my mom went and got me my food handlers card. ...

... middle of paper ...

...Brandon there are customers at the prize counter” Bob stated.

I would deal with this working environment every day. With so much responsibility and work to complete, my manager would sometimes think that it was fine if I would work the oven on my shift. So now I have to hand out all of the prizes, fix any broken game and ones that were acting up, hand out lost tokens to customers, get the pizza out of the oven to cut it and call it over the intercom to the customers.

Working this job for nearly two years, it made me significantly more responsible and taught me many things about being patient. Having to deal with many different things at once, I learned how to balance things and take duties one step at a time and not get overwhelmed. This job was like taking a two year class on how to be responsible and be patient when difficulties are stacking up against you.

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