Use of Project Management Software in Business Essay

Use of Project Management Software in Business Essay

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Use of Project Management Software in Business

Project Management is using the concepts of information technology in businesses to meet the requirements of a particular project. It depends on the process it needs to take to implement a project. The application of knowledge, skills, and tools and techniques is needed ( There are 3 main phases of project management, they are planning, scheduling and controlling. How the process is implemented is through different types of software applications used to efficiently and effectively run a business to save time, money and resources.

A goal (project) is set, the project should be defined, and schedule out each task needed for completion, and identify teams and resources. By controlling, managers need to revise or change plans by monitoring resources, cost, and quality. Lastly, scheduling involves sequencing and allotting time to all project activities. This is where time and resources come in to see how much time is needed to complete, the people to work, and materials needed for the project. There are different project scheduling approaches depending on the project.

Project Management in business is very important now that technology is all around us. It has made a difference in customer relationship management by meeting the needs of the customer. It gives the customer a broad range of information to choose from and with the types of information that are readily available. As well as with the customer service and support that is there for customers. It is also important to the businesses when it comes to supply chain management. They are better equipped to develop a fast, efficient, and low cost network of business with their partners to get products from concept to market.

I have observed in our readings that the ERP software have failures, but I have seen in my previous employments, that businesses do implement certain software before they do a test run. Some companies who have the software are usually good about doing orientation and training to employees before they begin using the applications. It takes time away from the organizations to do training and also correcting mistakes that happen along the way, but in the end it pays off.

I recommend that businesses could implement an overview of the new software before it is implemented. Th...

... middle of paper ...

...ter over the internet, as we call it e-commerce.

The difference between the past and future is enormous in the world of project management. It is so important to businesses, consumers, and all stakeholders. Although, not all software work for certain businesses, but with more training and knowledge in project management will improve the process of implementing technology in businesses.


In researching project management, it is an innovation that has a continuing change. People change through knowledge and every innovation does not stay the same. Implementations of projects are also different and the software process has to meet the demands of businesses. For a company to stay abrupt of the changing cycle of technology is an advantage to stay ahead of their competitors.

The complexity of documentations has opened the interenterprise of technology in customer relationship management, supply chain management, and enterprise resource planning.


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