Essay on Home Sick for the First Time

Essay on Home Sick for the First Time

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Home Sick for the First Time

“Are we almost there?” “Are we there yet?” “Lets just keep going, don’t stop!” I kept repeating these words due to my anxiousness and adrenaline that was pulsing through my veins. I wasn’t thinking about anything else but just getting to my destination. Just like getting some food because you are so hungry for it that you can’t wait any longer. All the other students don’t even care they are just going with the flow. Their entire faces look tired, half asleep, and quiet while listening to their CD players. On the other hand, the teachers are trying to wake everyone up and get them ready for the long day ahead of them.

It was the end of my eighth grade field trip, where we went to California and spent a whole week out in Los Angeles. It was fun at first, but when it got to actually coming home, I was very anxious to come back home. I missed my family so much that I just couldn’t wait to see them again. Even though I was away for only a week, I had never been apart from my family for this long.

On Friday morning we were getting ready to leave California and I was so excited to be heading back home, not that the trip wasn’t fun but just to see my family again. I was so happy to have left that place even though we had another 11 hour drive back home. On the way back our van was so packed that we could barely fit, with 16 students, our luggage and souvenirs we bought while we were in California, there was just no room. It was so uncomfortable none of us could feel relaxed and we all had to sit up straight; if we were to take a nap, we had to sleep on each other’s shoulders. At the same time it was stuffy, because in California the weather was ...

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...ieved and filled with joy that I didn’t bother looking back at the van while others were still unloading their things. But still my parents thought it would be best to go back and help the others clean out the trash in the van. Sadly enough I went back and helped clean but I was okay with it because I already saw my parents and I knew they would be there waiting for me.

Five years later I still react the same way but this time it is almost two weeks since I haven’t seen my family. Here we’re expected to be out on our own and never come home. But in my case, I can still run to mom and dad with my luggage and give them a big hug and kiss and never bother look back at school until Sunday. Also my parents will still be there to tell me to go back just like they did before but this time to let me go and grow, and still they will be there behind me.

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