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Stop Abortions

On January 22, 1973 the court decision of Roe vs. Wade stated that approved processes of abortion are legalized until viability, which is the point at which the fetus is capable of surviving outside the mother’s body. The decision allows individual states to regulate or ban abortion after viability except, however, when necessary to protect the life or physical well-being of the mother (10 Important1). It has been almost thirty years since that solemn day where a nation, built on the natural right of life to all of its citizens, allowed the intentional and legal termination of an unborn child. Immediately after that event, opposition to the newfound law felt that it would have to appeal and overturn the decision within a short time to avoid the practice from becoming infused into the nation too firmly. As years passed the judicial system worsened the situation with less stringent regulations. Almost every third baby conceived in America is being terminated (Willke2). But as time passes America has realized that pro-life supporters are still fighting and making progress.

Pro-choice advocates have spelled out many arguments campaigning against pro-lifers and attempting to justify this blatant destruction of a child. I will attempt to nullify the validity of these arguments to the students of State University and display alternatives to this inhumane practice. The decision of Roe vs. Wade on January 22, 1973 has been a terrible burden on the United States and should be seriously reconsidered. Abortion, specifically partial birth abortion, is a malicious act towards a living human that deserves life as much as a full grown adult.

Abortion Methods
As abortions became more and more prevalent in Ameri...

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... of the methods of abortion so adoption should always be considered. Women want to be respected and feel that they have a right to choose as to whether they have a child or not. I say that why can we not respect them both: the mother and child? Why can we not show compassion for these women in this situation and love the child who is at stake as well. We must educate society of the alternatives to benefit all parties involved.

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