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The Pact

Some of the things that Rameck, Sam, and George, the three boys in The Pact, were tempted with have occurred with my friend named Paul. Things such as temptations involving drugs, family issues, and the ways of life of the family. Paul's parents both dealt and did drugs, this made it hard for Paul to deviate from this kind of life. As time progressed he soon picked up the “family business” and started heading down the wrong path in life. These temptations to follow in the path of Paul's parents footsteps were very much the same as the temptation in which George, Rameck, and Sam had, which were the constant pressure from society and family.

These temptations, many times, often lead to an increase in the chances of George, Rameck, and Sam's character cracking. For these reasons it made it hard for them to stay on the right track in life and to deviate away from what they were being raised in and to become better than that. Positive influences in their lives prevented them from succumbing to the calls of the streets and of the accepted norms. People such as the karate teacher who helped build self confidence and respect. Unfortunately for Paul he did not have these positive role models in his life to keep him focused and eventually got involved with drugs. He was a senior in high school with graduation just around the corner. Everything was going for him, he was on the Varsity football team, was heading off to college in a few months, and more importantly he wa...

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