Is America Fracking Crazy? Essay examples

Is America Fracking Crazy? Essay examples

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In a highly advanced society such as the one we find ourselves in today, advancements in technology itself and the processes it involves are constantly being innovated. Presently, one of the major technological concerns is to find alternative ways to harness cheap energy in order to keep our society running. In the past it has been discovered that the previous forms of energy that we used such as oil and coal, were harmful to the environment.  Because of this, the recent development of natural gas extraction from shale rock, by the means of hydraulic fracturing has been discovered.
The main objective of the process of hydraulic fracturing is to access oil and gas resources that are locked in non-porous rock (Howarth, Ingraffea, and Engelder 3). The main type of rock surface that is used in this process is shale rock due to its vast amounts of trapped natural gas mostly consisting of methane (1). When hydraulic fracturing occurs, a well is drilled horizontally into the shale rock surface at about 1000 meters deep (Kramer 2). The next step in the process is to create channels for the gas trapped in the rock to escape through. This is done by injecting a substance known as fracking fluid deep inside the well at consistently high pressure, causing the rock to fracture. Once the channels are made, pressure is released and the fracking fluid flows back up to the surface supposedly into a confined disposal area.
This newly developed technology has strong supporters for three main reasons. First pro-fracking companies stress the fact that the United States has an abundance of natural gas just waiting to be extracted for our use. Secondly it is thought that the energy obtained from shale gas is more efficient and economically feasible th...

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...ential hazardous risks to the environment, and the health of other citizens in our society. Should we continue a short run process to benefit our society now, which may have devastating effects for the society yet to come?

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