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A Unique Cult

Within the past five years, the stock market has steadily increased due to an abundance of retail and merchandise shopping. Many may wonder, “why now?” or “why such an increase in sales?”; the answer to this question is right in front of our nose. The answer is the current consumer culture, consisting of everything we buy- including clothes, food, accessories, cars, and furniture. Pressure from the current consumer culture on the average shopper has never been so strong. Nowadays the only way for a person to feel as though they fit in is by purchasing the latest fashion fad, in order to, in some way, feel connected. Peer pressure and the pressure of advertising are placing the latest crazes in front of our eyes, and it is our job as consumers to purchase them, no matter the cost. The current consumer culture is taking the word “unique” out of the country by creating false images for teenagers and cities to fulfill. It is also placing unwanted pressure on parents and teenagers to cooperate with today’s consumer culture without realizing that the intent of large corporations is only for their own good.

The words cult and consumer culture, also known as consumerism, have become prevalent topics in today’s society. The most general and personal definition of the term cult refers to a group of people in which everyone is the same, or has the same goals and dreams. For example, one may think of a cult as the Catholic Church in which every Catholic’s goal is to find salvation. In a less religious and significant stance, a cult is the extreme followers of a television show such as “Star Trek”. The term consumer culture, dealing with the need for people to purchase and have the latest...

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...proving to be monetary gain for their own selfish needs rather than the people which keep them in business.

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