Essay on The Use of Blogs in Business

Essay on The Use of Blogs in Business

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The Use of Blogs in Business

When you think of blogging what comes to mind? For me it is a bunch of people venting their problems to a large mass of people. They are keeping sort of an online journal. .When in fact Blogger wasn’t even invented for that purpose. Evan Williams the CEO of Pyra, the company that created Blogger said the following,

"We never really designed Blogger as a tool for keeping your diary. I've always encouraged and really liked the more professional ones."(Propson) “For quite a while, everyone was fascinated by this phenomenon called blogging. When businesses large and small began investigating this new medium and considering setting up their own sites, consultants -- and, yes, journalists -- told them they had to get on the bandwagon. You've got to have content, they said. You need community. That's what the Web is all about.”(Propson)

After this information one can’t help but be curious why they haven’t heard of blogs in businesses today? Where are they at? How can they be used?

One use of blogging that I came across in my research was to use it as a way to keep your business informed. David Sorkin, a lawyer specializing in information-technology law and assistant professor of law at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago keeps a web-log called With this site he can update it every few days with information he has read that deals with laws and justice. Therefore other lawyer can use Sorkin’s site as a data-base. (

I found that most businesses don’t keep there blog open to the public. Rather they make it only accessible by members of the business, which makes sense. A business wouldn’t want anyone out there to be able to view how the business is doing. Alis Marsde...

... middle of paper ...

... especially blogs dealing with stocks and bonds. People love information to be just a click away from them and blog literally does that.

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