One of the Few, One of the Proud Essay

One of the Few, One of the Proud Essay

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One of the Few, One of the Proud

To some it may seem “easy” to become a soldier in the United States Marine Corps. A recruit goes to boot camp, passes, and goes on to save the world and defend the nation, but in fact it is much harder. Boot camp in itself is a test for the body to see its weaknesses and turn them to strengths and to see how long the brain can be mentally alert and ready and when tired can still give a hundred percent. Within boot camp there is the ultimate test that proves whether a recruit is just another person or if they have what it takes to be a Marine. This test is called the Crucible; it is not just the title of a book.

Boot camp begins in the recruit’s home state when they sign the papers and a contract to allow the recruit to be shipped to Parris Island, South Carolina. It is eighty-nine days of depending on one’s self and trusting people that would normally be considered strangers. These are teammates and allies. Everyday is spent with them and they will help you succeed or suffer in those eighty-nine days. A recruit accomplishes a goal with his fellow recruits or fails with them. It is never a one-person effort. This is important in the end.

During boot camp, each personal receives eight hours of sleep for a sixteen-hour workday. In this time, civilians learn what it takes to become a Marine and know what is expected of them. There is constant movement and training so that there is no free time to sleep or get distracted from the goals (Seymour). Every task and mission asked of a person during boot camp has a purpose. The purpose is to prepare the future soldier for any kind of situation that may take place in the field during a real mission. T...

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Mission Complete:

"The battle of Iwo Island has been won. The United States Marines by their individual and collective courage have conquered a base which is as necessary to us in our continuing forward movement toward final victory as it was vital to the enemy in staving off ultimate defeat. By their victory, the 3d, 4th and 5th Marine Divisions and other units of the 5th Amphibious Corps have made an accounting to their country which only history will be able to value fully. Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, UNCOMMON VALOR WAS A COMMON VIRTUE."
-Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

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