Texas Holdem Poker Casino v.s. Online Play Essay

Texas Holdem Poker Casino v.s. Online Play Essay

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Texas Holdem Poker Casino v.s. Online Play

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So what’s this entire buzz about this new poker game? World poker tour play Krieger asks the question, “Why is it the most attractive card game to all the new comers and regulars alike (Krieger 4).” This new game is being played in almost every Casino from Atlantic City to Las Vegas Nevada. They game now has world championships and is played on TV and watched by millions around the world. This fascinating game known to many as Texas holdem poker is played by many in our homes, casinos, and now the every so popular game is attracting millions online. There are many things that are involved with this game and they include history, how to play, what to play, when to play or fold, how to read and how to bluff. These are only a few of the aspects that will be covered in this paper. So the question a rises for those who plan to make any money playing this game, and that is are the odds better online or in the casinos?

Before we get into the odds of playing I will first introduce the modern day Texas holdem card game. According to poker author Krieger, the game originated its name from the first casino it was played in and how it was played (krieger 14). Krieger then adds that the game has only become popular in the last few years. The tournaments have been taking place over the last 40 or so years. These tournaments are the reason many believe the game has become so famous. The tournaments have been known to rake in over 2 million dollars for the winner and payouts for the top twenty positions (Krieger 17). Most of us are falling into this game for the first time, watching these holdem tourney's on television and holding poker night on the weekends. We have...

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...to read people will open a lot of avenues of approach such as, knowing when to fold knowing when to bluff and even knowing when to play certain hands and how much to bet on them. Know these give always will allow a player to know what each player has without actually seeing the hand. All of these statements and reasoning above have pointed in the direction that if a player can use his or her skills playing in a casino is a better way to make money playing Texas holdem. In the casino a player can read his or her opponents, bluff his or her opponents out of their money, and have a more enjoyable atmosphere because he or she will be winning money. Where as when a player plays online the only thing he or she can play with are the odds and the people never become a factor. Playing in a casino is a better way to make more money playing Texas holdem than is playing online.

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