Title IX: A long-term debate Essay

Title IX: A long-term debate Essay

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Title IX: A long-term debate

Every year incoming college freshman go to their new college or university expecting to find their favorite sport, but sometimes due to lack of participation the sport is not there.

In some case, the federal law Title IX is to blame as in the case of Zalikah Lewis, a sophomore at Pine Manor College, an all women's College in Chestnut Hill. Although she wouldn't join the swim team, she does enjoy the sport and was surprised that the sport wasn't offered while the school had most other popular sports.

Thirty-one years ago, with the rise in revenue and attendance at collegiate sports, the federal government implemented a Title IX program that would established opportunities for men and women in colleges for their programs and academics. A major emphasis on the program has gone to schools athletic programs, to share the funds and sporting teams equally. There is a debate over whether the teams are really split fairly or are some of the more successful male teams get prominence over women's teams.

"I think women's sports are getting better," said Charmaine Steele, a junior women's basketball player at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

"Some sports are better to watch on the women's side than the men's side. The sports world is slowly moving away from the men. Yes it's still a man's world but not for long," she added.

"In athletics there are more males than females; therefore, it shouldn't mean that men should limit their numbers considering that the population of males is a lot higher than that of females," said Lewis.

Title IX states that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subj...

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...h earned 66,943 and a women's coach earned 63,000. The differences in salaries have also been a topic of discussion when it comes to Title IX.

Although it is still a controversial law in the U.S. Title IX does not seem as it will be going away anytime soon. Colleges and universities have both benefited and been at a loss due to Title IX. The program was set up to open opportunities for all and its true results may not be seen for years. Each person that Title IX affects will have a different reaction to it. Some people will see the good it causes but many will see it as a program killer. Until a full proof way of gender equality is found, every year that Title IX is in effect controversy will follow it.

"I think that Title IX is a good thing as it creates equality. Anything that creates opportunities for women and minorities is a good thing," said DeFilippo.

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