Essay about Hollywood's Biggest Stars

Essay about Hollywood's Biggest Stars

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Hollywood's Biggest Stars

Where do Hollywood’s biggest stars come from? Why do we consider them to be the top of the many actors and actresses that show up in movies every month? Is their success and popularity the public’s doing, or does it stem from somewhere else, somewhere like Hollywood itself? I‘d say the latter is as probable as the former.

Let us take Julia Roberts for example. Certainly not the most beautiful of all of Hollywood’s actresses, what makes Julia Roberts so special in the minds of Americans? Is it her humongous mouth, her toothy grin, or those “Pretty Woman” legs of hers, which by the way were not her own in the movie? No. It is a certain image that Hollywood and its circle of cooperating tabloids and media giants are creating to have people believe that she is this wonderful individual, one worthy of paying our eight dollars to see in a movie. Why do we associate Julia Roberts with the phrase “America’s Sweetheart”? Because this is a heading that appears above her photograph on countless magazine covers, fooling each and every one of us into thinking that the rest of America adores her, thus we have little reason to feel otherwise. At least it makes us unconsciously associate Roberts with the phrase “America’s Sweetheart” every time we stand in line to buy groceries, until it becomes ingrained in our minds. Her widespread acceptance has reached a point where even her worst performances, as in Erin Brockovich, are hailed as great achievements.

And why do you suppose there seems to be a single actress or actor each month who appears on nearly every magazine, tabloid, and newspaper? Is it because the entire country is wanting to read about this particular “star”? Probably not. By pasting the same pers...

... middle of paper ...

...iented group of people right now, despite what I have written here, I would be hopelessly “behind”, and would have trouble contributing to the conversation. Because of its ubiquitous presence in society, though, being blind to Hollywood’s existence is nearly impossible, and as intelligent consumers we can only take a step back and do our best to prevent ourselves from falling into the entertainment business’s revenue trap. Hopefully, Hollywood hasn’t positioned an even deeper hole behind us, one which will engulf us despite our efforts to escape.

Just remember. The next time you look at an actor’s face on the cover of a magazine, stop to think whether his face is there because he truly deserves to be, or whether it’s there because it’s all part of Hollywood’s hoax, Hollywood’s not-so-secret plan to make you believe that he’s worth being placed in the spotlight.

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