Beneficial Animal Testing Essay

Beneficial Animal Testing Essay

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Beneficial Animal Testing

Animal testing has always been plagued with controversy on its ethical issues by animal activist groups and supportive scientists. Is it morally just to experiment and sacrifice laboratory animals on behalf of human research? Dr. Gina Solomon MD wrote her article regarding the benefits of animal testing to protect the human race and all other species. Her article “The Lesser Evil” shows the beneficial and positive aspects of animal experimentation. She approves the notion for animal testing but requests greater regulation and gentler methods of testing when scientifically possible. Dr. Solomon’s article was published in the Earth Island Journal, Autumn 2002, v17, i3, pg 47.

Dr. Gina Solomon MD works for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). She is a senior scientist and physician of the Health and Environment program. Dr. Solomon’s article is trustworthy and credible because she is a licensed practitioner of medicine and a chief scientist. She relies on personal experience and scientific data to justify the use of animal testing. She works for a reputable nonprofit organization whose opinions are valued for the protection of human life. Dr. Solomon focuses her article toward those who are undecided or opposed to animal testing. She hopes to persuade her audience of the scientific human advantage gained by animal experimentation. Animal experimentation is essential for the protection from harmful chemicals and pesticides for all living creatures on Earth. The animal research allows scientist to better recognize and distinguish poisonous materials for humans and wildlife. Animal activist agencies, such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), ar...

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...a huge uncontrolled chemical experiment,” (Solomon, pg 47).

I enjoyed Dr. Solomon’s article because she justifies her argument very thoroughly. She uses personal experience and factual information to support her opinions on animal testing. I found her article to be informative as well as persuasive. Her trustworthy personality shines through her article from her personal beliefs and convictions. She acknowledges the need for animal experimentation but does not appreciate the waste of any animal life. She used scientific research to explain the necessity to discover the dangerous chemical side effects endangering all life forms. The byproducts of Dr. Solomon’s article will be a better understanding for animal testing. People will accept testing on animals to be an essential part of human and wildlife protection from toxic chemicals and pesticides.

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