Current Trends in Educational Technology Essay

Current Trends in Educational Technology Essay

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Current Trends in Educational Technology


Current trends in Educational Technology offer quite an array of subject matter to study. I have selected a few articles demonstrating trends I found most interesting. These include trends in research, holistic technology education, pedagogic balance in technology education and using open source software in the school. Hopefully these trends will be an eye opener for the reader. This paper is based on these journal articles: Research in Technology Education: Back to the Future (Reed, 2002); Basic Principles in Holistic Technology Education (Seemann, 2003); Partnership-Centered Learning: The Case for Pedagogic Balance In Technology Education (Walmsely, 2003) and Making the Switch to Open Source Software (Surran, 2003).

Researching the Future of Educational Technology Literacy

Clear lines of inquiry are needed to further technology education’s place within the context of general education (Reed, 2002). The International Technology Education Association (ITEA), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), National Research Council and Technology for All Americans Project (TFAA) provide significant amounts of research available on educational technology. These organizations are always looking at what research would help achieve the goal of technological literacy. The National Science Foundation (NSF) makes federal funding available to educational technology researchers (Custer, Loepp, and Martin, 2000).

A new Council on Technology Teacher Education tool, the Technology Education Graduate Research Database (TEGRD) offers new lines of research geared towards education (Reed, 2002). The TEGRD was designed to highlight the history...

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...chives website:

Seemann, K. (2003). Basic Principles in Holistic Technology Education. Journal of Technology Education ,14, Retrieved September 15, 2003 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University digital library and archives website:

Walmsley, B. (2003) Partnership-Centered Learning: The Case For Pedagogic Balance in Technology Education. Journal of Technology Education ,14, Retrieved September 16, 2003 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University digital library and archives website:

Surran, M. (2003). Making the Switch to Open Source Software. T.H.E. Journal Online. Retrieved September 16, 2003 from T.H.E. Journal Online website:

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