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Blade Servers

The internet boom in the late 90’s was the triggering event that created the need for blade servers. It is a fast growing market that emerged recently. Dell’s PowerEdge 1655MC, the IBM eServer Blade Center, and Hewlett-Packard’s (HP’s) ProLiant BL20p G2 are few examples that uses blade servers.


This is the first question I asked myself when this topic was assigned to me. Blade servers? A server is a computer that supports applications and telecommunications in a network, as well as the sharing of peripheral devices, software, and databases among the workstations in the network. Examples include multi-user network operating systems and specialized software for running Internet, intranet, and extranet Web applications, such as electronic commerce and enterprise collaboration. A blade server is an entire server that fits on a single card, or blade, which means that network interfaces, the CPU, the memory, and the hard disk are installed on the card. The blades are plugged into a single chassis, where an IT manager can generally fit 16 server blades into the space previously occupied by a single server which sits in a rack sharing common components such as power supplies, fans, disk storage, and Ethernet. “Each blade is an independent system, where their compact size can be placed in a single server rack or enclosure, where multiple blade servers share electricity and HVAC resources” [4]. They consume less power, generate less heat, cost less money, and have less expansion space per server.


One unit is capable of supporting six blades and is only three-rack unit (RU) in height. A single blade consists of a small metal box that is ...

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