Leaving for College - A Heartbreaking and Bittersweet Experience Essay

Leaving for College - A Heartbreaking and Bittersweet Experience Essay

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Leaving for College - A Heartbreaking and Bittersweet Experience

“Here’s to the nights we felt alive, here’s to the tears we knew you’d cry, here’s to goodbye, tomorrow’s gonna come too soon.” - Eve 6. I’ve heard this song many times before, but it took me so long to finally understand the real meaning behind it. The last night I spent in Tucson before moving away to college has proved to be the most heartbreaking and bittersweet life experience I’ve ever had to endure, yet it is also my fondest memory of home. I wanted that night to last forever because I never wanted to see tomorrow come.

August twentieth was my last night in Tucson. The last night I had to spend with my family, my friends, and my dog. That would be my last night to spend in my own house, with my own personal bathroom, and a big bed. That would also be my last night to pack all of my important material possessions and then downsizing because my dorm room probably wouldn’t hold everything I thought I “needed.”

The night began with that afternoon at what we call the “G.R. Party.” This is commonly known as a good riddance party. My parents, extended family, and friends gathered together inside my home for my last dinner. All the males were, of course assembled by the grill cooking our wonderful all American feast of hamburgers, barbeque chicken, and hot dogs. Most of the women were mingling with each other, each one almost in tears listening to others talk about how hard “letting go” of their own children would be and fearing the next few days when my friends would be away to different colleges. My friends and I were busy talking amongst ourselves and watching my younger cousins dazzle us in the pool with their most recent dive or trick. Finally, someone...

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... ever had to do. Who knew it would be so difficult to leave those people who shaped the person you are today? I had to face the people that I loved so much and say good bye. I knew I would see them again, but somehow that wasn’t a comforting thought. The only thing I could seem to think of was how hard it was to leave and how excruciating it felt. This experience has left a huge impression on my life. I realized how much I love my life and the people in it. I recognized the fact that this was me, growing up and becoming an adult. I also finally understood the meaning of “family.” Even though I was leaving my home of eighteen years, I knew I still had a wonderful place to return to.

That chapter of my life ended beyond perfectly. Although that night was somewhat depressing it was also filled with fun, laughter, and love. It is by far, my favorite memory of home.

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