The Audience and Writing Essay

The Audience and Writing Essay

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The Audience and Writing

Audience. Just one word yet it stirs frighteningly confusing images of perplexing thoughts in my mind. The word alone is strange, but when put in context of an essay it leaves me baffled and frustrated[d1] . The questions; “What is Audience?” “Why do I need it?” and, “What purpose does it serve?” are important to my finally some day understanding the concept of Audience, but at this point I can’t answer them fully[d2] . I can grasp the understanding of all the other aspects of writing an essay, although I may not incorporate them well in my paper at least I see why they are important. Audience, to me, is not so easy to understand.

After reading The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing and the assigned chapters given to us for each writing essay in W131 class[d3] , I am still left with an unclear picture of what to do with Audience in my papers. When thinking about Audience I think of who I’m writing to, just who is my paper directed at[d4] . Is it one person? Am I writing towards a group, or society? Is my essay directed at a large Audience, perhaps an entire culture? Is it good to have a small or large Audience[d5] ? When writing towards a large audience the paper has to cover a larger base of information, since more people means more diversity, and a greater difference in opinions, you must write about enough variety that the entire Audience can understand, follow, and see your paper clearly. Large Audiences can leave the reader confused, or perhaps make them not want to finish the essay at all. For myself I think it’s best if I narrow my Audience down to a small group, or even one person when writing my essays[d6] . Although I haven’t done so in the past it’s probably the best...

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...le with bone cancer, or even further and go down to a limb with cancer, like hand, or bone marrow, etc. I would have an even more specific Audience which would allow me to get very detailed and intimate with my facts[d18] . A larger Audience would be good if I wanted to write a broad paper that gives only general ideas or facts and doesn’t get to intimate in one area. This leads into the idea of mixing, it’s not wise to mix an Audience, what I mean by this is starting off with a large Audience and then getting very detailed into one aspect of that topic, this would cause the writer to lose a large number of their readers[d19] . Without an Audience one can’t write a paper, it’s like heading out on a trip with no destination in min

Work Cited

Ramage, John, John Bean. The Allyn And Bacon Guide To Writing. Massachusetts: A Pearson Education Company, 2000[d21] .

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