Safer to be Feared than Loved in The Prince Essay

Safer to be Feared than Loved in The Prince Essay

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Safer to be Feared than Loved in The Prince      


Rulers throughout history would have different reactions to Machevelli’s statement,  “It is much safer to be feared than loved”. Rulers that wanted total power would have a tendency to agree with the claim but other rulers exerted power without being feared.

 Charlemange would disagree with Machevelli because he reaped great benefits from friendliness. Charlemange supported and cooperated with the church throughout his reign. In return, the church crowned him Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas day 800. If Charlemange would have repressed or frightened the church, the pope would never have appointed him emperor. Charlemange gave land to his nobles, who provided military services for him, not because they were afraid, but to repay him for the land. He was more successful being loved than he would have been if he was feared.

 Louis XI* would agree with Machevelli. Louis XI was called the Aterrible king@. He used cruel methods to keep his power and was very successful....

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