Essay on A Fly-In Fishing Trip

Essay on A Fly-In Fishing Trip

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A Fly-In Fishing Trip

It was the summer going into my sophomore year of college and my father and I decided to spend some time together before leaving. We had decided to take a fishing trip. We both love to fish and have spent many hours together in a boat, but never really caught anything to brag about.

My father had joined Walleyes Unlimited through a close friend of his he has known for a long time named Bill Weaver. There was an opportunity to join Bill, his son Bryce, and about twenty others from Walleyes Unlimited, for a six-day, seven-night fly-in fishing trip to Manitoba, Canada. My dad didn’t even hesitate. He booked us both to join them for the second week in August.

A couple of weeks went by and the time finally came to head north into Canada. We hit the road around 6:00 am and had a caravan of about eight cars driving in single-file order. Our first stop was the border, of course, and then Winnipeg, which is about a three and a half to four hour drive. We all picked up our licenses and headed toward Bissett. You probably haven’t heard of Bissett before because it is an extremely isolated, scarcely populated town located at the very end of the road if you are heading north of Winnipeg. The town has a population of about fifty people in addition to an abandoned gold mine. The only accommodations there were a motel with bar, a bread and breakfast, and a little store that carried very few groceries.

We split up the caravan, half stayed in the hotel and half at the bed and breakfast. Since I was nineteen at the time, I was able to hang out in the bar with the adults since the drinking age here was only eighteen. It wasn’t much of a bar: beer, booze, a jukebox, and pickled eggs, but what more do you need. Afte...

... middle of paper ... never seen a fish so big in my life.

So, for the next three hours or so, we tried to fish for some northern, but we had no luck.

I had had the time of my life those first three days, and it was only half over. But the time came to finally leave and head back to the “real world”. I was lucky enough to ride in the twenty-passenger plane with my dad.

I hope I have given some good detail of what a fly-in fishing trip is all about. The name of the place was called Shining Falls Lodge in Manitoba. I hope whoever reads this will realize how great of an experience this was and I wish everybody could experience it at least once in their life. From the unlimited walleyes to the beautiful scenery, Shining Falls is the place to be. If you can’t make it here, I am sure wherever you go on a fly-in in Canada will be just as spectacular. I know I will be heading back as

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