Essay on McGregor and Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota

Essay on McGregor and Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota

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McGregor and Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota

My favorite place to be would be the city and are of McGregor Minnesota. About eight miles north of the small town is Big Sandy Lake, which is where my cabin is located. This is truly my favorite place to be, especially during the warm summer months.

McGregor, a small town of only about four hundred people, is located in a wooded area with many lakes, streams and river. The biggest lake is Big Sandy and is approximately seven thousand acres of water area.

It would be fair to say that McGregor is a summer town. The town and its population depend heavily on the financial income that Big Sandy and other lakes draw in the summer. McGregor has no big industry nearby and there are not too many farms in the area either. In the summer, especially during the weekends the lakes get flooded with people from the Minneapolis-St.Paul area, who head up to their cabins for the weekend. These weekends make up the financial backbone of McGregor. The town itself is like most small towns. They have a hardware store, post office, dentist, church, school and the usual suspects. The unusual thing about the town is the number of gift shops it has. Gift shops probably make up half of the buildings in the town. The occupants of McGregor are like people in most small towns in Minnesota. They are mostly white with a few Native and African Americans. Most of the people are friendly and all have their sense of small town pride.

Now switching gears towards Big Sandy, the first thing anyone would notice is that this is truly a beautiful lake, a gem of Minnesota. If you come down from Highway 65 you’ll get a clear shot at the beauty the lake contains. One of the first things that catches people’s eyes is t...

... middle of paper ...

... sits on Webster Bay. It has been in my family since the early nineteen sixties when my grandma bought a cabin and her sisters bought the cabin right next to it. It was constructed by the late Wally Ecklund who did a marvelous job building it according to some newer contractors. Right now my cabin is in the process of being remodeled. We have an excellent lake view with a beautiful natural sand beach. It is my favorite place to be on the face of this earth.

In conclusion, Big Sandy Lake and McGregor Minnesota are two truly great places. The people are some of the friendliest around. There is always things going to keep even the most wild of hearts satisfied. If you are a fan of the outdoors and lakes and such then Big Sandy Lake is the right place to go. It's not necessarily the lake that is the most fun but the people around the lake that make it truly special.

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