Essay about An Absolutist's Search for the Superior Style

Essay about An Absolutist's Search for the Superior Style

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An Absolutist's Search for the Superior Style

When I was debating in high school, I learned how to argue from many different perspectives and how to make a particular argument more effective than another. Although I'm no longer in debate (B.S.U. needs a debate team), I have been so affected by the activity I now believe if I listen intently and discerningly to the arguments for and against a particular position that I can determine which position is the most logical and prudent. It is this arrogant and fatuous tendency which I possess that is whispering in my ear right now. It is telling me to enter the universe of discourse and to use my sapient mind to find the "superior style." Not being one who ignores his impulses, I will obey. I will find the "superior style"; I will emulate it; I will rule the universe of discourse, and no one can stop me!

I don't know where to begin my journey. There are so many different styles. Geez! This is going to be exhausting. Let me think. Where would be the most likely place to find the "superior style?" Wait a minute. If universities have so many scholars and educated folks, perhaps they have developed, use, or are familiar with the "superior style!" They're supposed to be smart, so it only follows that they would know what this "style" is!

The wonderful world of academia! How I love you so! Show me the style I should use to rule the world of prose. Show me the diction, the patterns, the sentence lengths of which you are composed...

When I look at the Official Style that so many members of academia employ when writing, I must confess, I get a bit excited. With its long sentences, big words, and semi-colons, it evokes a state of exhilaration in me which is darn near orgasmic! Althou...

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...ions and in other situations they are not; therefore, any discussion about the superiority of one style over another begins with a designation of the social realm in which the style is used.

In this essay, I had hoped to find the "superior style" for the academic realm. I didn't. If I accomplished anything, it was that the Official Style, because it didn't meet my "must be interesting" standard, isn't the "superior style." I also demonstrated that there are elements of style which lend themselves to a good reading. These elements, when carefully blended together, compose the "superior style." I may never find the "superior style," but I know its out there... Somewhere in the universe of discourse, someone may be using the "superior style" of the academic social realm... And I resolve to find that style, to emulate it, and to use it to wreak havoc on academia!!!

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