Who Am I? Essay example

Who Am I? Essay example

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Who Am I?

Today as I look back at the first paper that I wrote for this class, I see that it is not the type of paper that I usually write. It is not full of big, sophisticated words. Rather it is a paper that does what it is supposed to, explain in simple english my thoughts on the subject. Those thoughts are that today most college kids are whiners and students go to college because it is the norm. I also gave a couple of abstracts to these. I never really took a stand as to which of those pertained to me. But I think that they all do in a sense. In a way I am irresponsible. I leave stuff to the last minute, I cram, and I get a attitude and just say screw it. As for the metaphor part of the first paper, I do feel that I am a parent and the university is my child. This interpretation is sort of like a cartogram. A cartogram is a map that is distorted to a relationship between two distinctive regions. The regions in this case is the university and myself. This is distorted because the university is much larger than me, and it takes care of me. The second metaphor that I pondered is a little more down to Earth. The university is our god, and if we do not give, we shalt not receive. All of these lead into who I am. In essence I am a hippocrate. I condemn the students who procrastinate, while I am one of the worst at procrastinating. Take this paper for example. I am sitting at my roommates computer, it's eight o'clock Tuesday night, and I'm drinking a whiskey-coke. I already mentioned the child/parent thing. The god part of it is the same, though. I feel I am a god. I can so all of this and still get the grades. At least that the way it seems to be. In actuality I tried it, and it didn't work. The person who wrote the paper is no...

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...y writing, I do not see myself. I see someone that's pleasing the audience with what he writes, but not pleasing himself. I am not happy writing stuff that is drab and has to sense of commitment. But that is what has always been a requirement. I like writing this kind of paper better. A paper that I can write with some sort of enthusiasm, eventhough I am better at writing the other kind. Writing this way just makes me feel better. I don't know, call me kooky.

In the first paper I wrote with a very prominent mask. But as the papers progressed, I think that I might have been starting to shed that mask a little. Maybe it was the different style of writing. Maybe it was just me. Maybe it was due to the E-mail discussion, where got to people with out even talking to them directly. I don't know. The experience has been really productive. I just hope I can keep it up.

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