Influences and Reality Essay

Influences and Reality Essay

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Influences and Reality

As adults do we tend to read the styles we've grown up with? Do we find ourselves subscribing to and reaching for magazines in the checkout line that our parents read? I do. As I become more independent I see subtle changes in the styles around me but find myself grounded in what my parents, my brothers and my environment have familiarized me with.

Strewn around me are volumes of "Outdoor Life", "Prevention", "Better Homes and Gardens", "Midwest Living", "Vogue" and "Masonry Construction." A magazine to satisfy many interests, each containing pieces of my life. You will not find "Time" or "Forbes" in my hands unless I have research to do in them for school. I am not familiar with politics, big business or urban life and I find the style dull. I can't convince myself to pick up political magazines for pleasure. Richard Lanham in Revising Prose says, " A style that at first seems peculiar may not be a "bad "style but simply eloquent about an unexpected kind of reality, one that you may or may not like" (106). I read styles that are my reality and though some may not find "eloquence" in "Masonry Construction", I do.

You may guess that someone in my family is involved in construction and wonder why I read such literature if it is not my career. As the daughter of a brick and stone mason I have grown up listening to my dad talk construction and have always been interested in what he does. Though "construction" doesn't have a soft tone to it, possibly not possessing "eloquence" , writing about it and the finished product can. Articles in "Masonry Construction" explicate the fine details of this labor through straightforward writing and a calm informative voice. I can "hear" my dad explaining the qualiti...

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... I used to think it was funny and at a young age believed some of it; not to be fooled now. I used to read it for pleasure but since I started working with womens' and mens' clothing I've become interested in what is new in the world of fashion, the fabrics and styles. The writing style in "Vogue" and similar magazines is classy and fast paced (if writing can be that). The catwalk and thumping techno music seems to be in front of my eyes. For a while I find it interesting and exhilarating but soon find myself wanting to return to the country.

I find that the styles strewn about me are influenced by my parents style; conservative, down to earth, knowing the importance of physical labor to make a living and seeing the beauty in what has been offered to us-where we live and what we've experienced. This is how I was raised and I will continue to live in this style.

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