Essay about The Four Corners of My Heart

Essay about The Four Corners of My Heart

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The Four Corners of My Heart

When you’re with people that care about you and show
you that they love you, it’s the best feeling in the
world. Well when I was growing up, my family provided
that love and support and it was all I needed to be
entirely happy. Every year our tradition would be going
to Florida for Christmas and spending it with my aunts,
uncles, cousins and grandparents. I always looked
forward to seeing them every year and that’s what kept
me going inside. We all shared the same ethnicity,
culture and heritage. We would all come together from
the four corners of the country, Texas, Florida,
Washington and Michigan and stay at the same beautiful
resort in Florida. My favorite parts of the trip were
swimming in the ocean with my brother, the long talks I
would have with him and everyone else in my family. I
felt so needed and loved and I also felt like nothing
could ever change that. We all shared common interests
such as the horses my uncle has on his farm, school, the
beach and alcohol, at least my family members did,
except for my mother. I really didn’t think much of it
at the time, but today it has split my family apart and
we don’t visit Florida anymore. Things didn’t only
change between my family, but also between my brother
and I and how I view relationships in general. Every
time we went I could feel the bonds disintegrate slowly
and slowly until finally we just stopped talking all
together and I haven’t been back since I was 10 years
old. The reasons for our distance is because of our
differences, our culture changed over years and the
different actions we took and choices we made right down
to the clothes we wear. I can remember the first time I
felt the love my family gav...

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...bout my brother and other family
members. I don’t want to become what they became, I
don’t want to look death in the eye and that is why I
choose not to become an alcoholic, that is why I cherish
the time I have with the family I do have. I lost a
tradition because of an addiction, an addiction that
couldn’t be controlled. I lost a part of me, I lost my
heritage, because I don’t want to remember my relatives
and what they were and are today. Maybe they have picked
up some of the pieces they left behind so many years
ago. Sober memories enriched with life and laughter. I
know I can never remove the imprints they left on my
heart, heartbreaking imprints and life breathing
memories that can only give me hope for my own family
that I will have one day, a family in which I can have
meaningful traditions that last and never fade into the
Florida sunset.

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