Advice - Is it Better to Give than to Receive? Essay

Advice - Is it Better to Give than to Receive? Essay

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Advice - Is it Better to Give than to Receive?

Advice and the language it’s given in can work only if the person in need of it can handle what is being said to them and accept it. Otherwise it just goes in one ear and out the other. Advice to me needs to be spoken in a calm and rational way or I tend not to listen to it. It can be advice from parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, or just about anyone, even myself.

Advice given to me when I was younger was a lot different than when I got older. I tended not to listen to my parents. At nine and ten, they gave me an allowance. I saw it as money to run out and spend on candy. They saw it as a learning opportunity and a chance to instill a value system in me. At first I didn’t take the advice, in fact it took years to realize the im...

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