Essay Society is Destined for Destruction

Essay Society is Destined for Destruction

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Race to the Future

The loud blast of a nuclear explosion, the destruction of our rain forests, and the simple, but yet very harmful items like insecticides, household cleaning supplies and complex medications, are all making a society destined for trouble. Some of these items we use every day, despite all the warnings on the bottles of the cleaners and side effects of the medications. The nuclear products and loss of the rain forest might not be happening in our back yard, but destruction like this can travel a long way, and it’s just a matter of time before we see the effects in our cities and towns.

Have you ever wondered or asked why more and more diseases keep arising? Have you ever given thought to the fact that we may bring it on ourselves through greater technology? It may take a tragic experience in one’s family to ask the questions how did this happen, why did it happen, and who caused this to happen? Diseases keep arising, and so do more advanced technology and riskier experiments. I feel technology is important, but I also feel it should have limitations. We should try to be more aware of what is going on around us and try not to put ourselves and our children in any life threatening situations.

I have had a personal experience just like that in my family. One cloudy summer day in July of 1988, we were told the shocking news that my cousin, Jamie, had been diagnosed with cancer. Jamie was a wife, a mother of two, and very outgoing. The saddest part of it all, was that she was only 31 years old. This deadly disease made the next and last year of her life very painful and frightening.

We all remember vividly her lying in a hospital bed, holding on to a teddy bear and weeping because she was afraid of dying. ...

... middle of paper ...

...r. We need to determine if what they were doing in their lives had anything to do with science or experimentation. Then start asking the people at the top why more precautions hadn’t been taken or why something this dangerous was even brought around us in the first place. There is a place for everyone in this society when it comes to taking action against things that are bad for us. We all have a voice and we need to start using it so we don’t slowly destroy the human population.

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