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Deepak Chopra

Our Real Self

Just by being ourselves
we are borne toward a destiny
far beyond anything
we could imagine.
It is enough to know
that the being
I nourish inside me
is the same as the Being
that suffuses every atom
of the cosmos.

When the two
see each other as equals
they will be equal,
because then the same force
that controls the galaxies
will be upholding
my individual existence
~Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra was born in Poona India in 1947. He was the eldest son of Krishan Chopra, a prominent cardiologist. With his father being a doctor, Deepak Chopra was raised in the tradition of Western Medicine. His father considered the traditional ideas of Ayurveda to be pointless rituals and did not believe in raising his family in these ancient Hindu beliefs. Chopra wrote in his autobiography, “My father proudly practiced Western medicine and looked at his accomplishments as a personal triumph. He had every reason to think that modern India would be well off without the ignorant old ways. Ayurveda, being ‘unscientific’ to Western eyes, could join the other castoffs. It never occurred to me or my father that Ayurveda might be something great.” (Chopra 23) As a child Deepak’s father strongly pushed him towards pursuing a medical career. However, Deepak rejected his father’s urgings completely, wanting nothing to do with the field of medicine. He was more interested in soccer and cricket and saw himself becoming a journalist. Yet, as he reached adolescence his views began to change. At age sixteen, Deepak read Sinclair Lewis’s novel, Arrowsmith, which suddenly sparked in him a desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. He writes, “These words thrilled me. It had what...

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