Ian Wilmut and the Cloning of Dolly Essay

Ian Wilmut and the Cloning of Dolly Essay

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Ian Wilmut and the Cloning of Dolly

Definitions of creativity vary based on different people’s interpretations, yet most people agree that creative individuals produce new ideas that can completely change or invent a domain. According to Howard Gardner, creativity is not limited to a single domain, but is unique for all seven domains. Creativity is based on three core elements: the relationship between the child and the master, the relationship between an individual and the work in which he/she is engaged, and the relationship between the individual and others, such as family and friends (Gardner, 9). I believe that Ian Wilmut is a creative master in the logical mathematical domain because in July 1996, he completely changed his field by successfully cloning the Finn Dorset lamb, Dolly, from an adult cell. Since I am a pre-med or pre-vet zoology major, Wilmut’s discovery has truly inspired me and has exposed me to the endless possibilities in genetic engineering and medical research. Ian Wilmut’s controversial discovery stunned the world by proving that cloning from an adult cell is possible and it opened doors to future cloning research. His dexterous discovery has shown potential for human cloning and supports the fact that Ian Wilmut is a master in the Logical-mathematical and Naturalist domain because of his scientific and genetic impact on the world.

Ian Wilmut’s discovery is so significant and undoubtedly warrants him as a master in the scientific world as well as in the logical mathematical intelligence. In order to clone Dolly, Ian Wilmut invented an extremely complex process. Click here for a pictorial summary of the cloning process. Prior to Wilmut’s shocking revelation, most scientists were sure that succ...

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