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University Food Service

Have you ever felt ripped off at a restaurant, or realized that you paid way too much for a meal somewhere? Well, this is what many students feel on almost a daily basis. A large portion of students at State University are paying far too much for food service. This is especially true when you consider that many students are busy and end up missing meals that they have already had to pay for. Instead of having a ‘pre-paid, no miss’ policy lunch program, the university should adopt a ‘lunch card’ program, similar to those offered in elementary and secondary schools around the country. This could save the students a lot of money and, as will be detailed later, could also earn many more paying consumers for the university’s food service.

Today, students at State University have two main options for food service plans. They can either pay $1978 a year for three meals a day plus meals on weekends, or they can pay $1930 for two meals a day and no weekends. If a student buys the later option and only eats one meal on a given day, they are unable to make that meal up or eat three meals on another day. Therefore, even though they have already paid around $5.00 for the meal they missed, they are unable to redeem that money and lose it. Also, no one other than the student is allowed to eat a meal off of another student’s plan. This means that if the student knows that they will be having guests and would like that guest to eat with them they are unable to use one of their pre-paid meals for their friend, even though it is already paid for.

Those who say that the meal plans currently being offered allow for a large assortment of foods available to students during the meals are correct. However, when they say ...

... middle of paper ...

...set amount in advance, it can be however high or low of an amount that the student wishes to put into the account. Then each time a meal is purchased the money would be debited from the meal plan account. As the student uses up the money in their account they could continue to pay however much they believe necessary into their account on a need basis.

This program would benefit not only the student but also the university. It would make for a greater percentage of student usage of dining facilities and make students feel more secured when investing in a meal plan. This is a worthwhile program and is something that the university should seriously consider switching to for future use. It doesn’t take a genius to know that anything that saves students money and increases the college’s revenue on a service provided has got to be a good thing, just a college student.

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