Overview of Learning

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Overview of Learning Learning is perceived differently among society’s population, although the majority of these people have a common understanding on how to measure one’s intellectual abilities. Two important factors come into play when discussing one’s intelligence: one that Bell Hooks talks about which is background and one that Howard Gardner studies which is intelligence. Two tests made to test one’s intellectual abilities are IQ tests and SAT test. These test one’s linguistic intelligence and one’s logical-mathematical intelligence. So I raise the question: is that the only kind of intelligence we as students posses? And does a person’s background influence what they learn and how much they learn? Howard Gardner doesn’t think that those are the only kind of intelligence we posses. Gardner states that we have seven intelligences, such as linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. Most of these intelligences should speak for them-selves but I would like to elaborate on two. The first intelligence is Interpersonal intelligence, meaning the ability to understand other people. An example of interpersonal intelligence in use would be that of a person in the psychology field. Also there is Intrapersonal intelligence meaning the ability to form an accurate model of oneself and to be able to use that model to operate effectively in life. I believe and stand by Gardner’s theory one hundred percent and I think that, as students we should be tested on all of our intelligences not just two. Tests like IQ and SAT’s have a great impact on our future. To get into college ninety percent of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...hieved in my basic writing class. In basic writing class we have gone so in depth on the details of learning. Teaching us so much about learning has helped me to make a more accurate assessment of my self and my learning style. So I can find the flaws and devise a plan to help me acquire the knowledge that is difficult for me to learn. Basic writing class also really focuses on reading and writing, which is a necessity to help people learn. This is excellent because it improves my vocabulary skills and helps me to become a better writer. One thing that I don’t like about my basic writing class is that we hardly work on grammar. That is one of my weak points. It’s what sets me back on that A+ paper. This class is a nice transition from high school to college. I’m not timid in any kind of way. So therefore it makes it an easier learning environment for me to learn in.
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