Ruby Archuleta and Amarante Cordova Define Community Essays

Ruby Archuleta and Amarante Cordova Define Community Essays

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Ruby Archuleta and Amarante Cordova Define Community

Community is defined as a group a people living in an area under the same conditions. Realistically, a community is so much more than this definition. It is people and their different beliefs that form a community. In the town of Milagro, Amarante Cordova, Ruby Archuleta, and a town coming together to rescue a fellow community member from jail exemplify the true spirit of what community is.

Ruby Archuleta makes the biggest difference in bringing the community together. Ruby is the only member of the community to take intuitive and start fighting for the rights of the Milagro citizens. While everyone is waiting around to see what will happen, Ruby gets to work. She understands that the first step in defeating the greedy endeavors of Ladd Devine will be to seek legal advice. Ruby gets Charlie Bloom to write up a petition and explain the water laws to the disorganized people of Milagro. Another example of Ruby’s commitment to the community is her devotion to get the petition signed. The petition is to stop the buil...

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