Meaningful and Sentimental Best Man Speech

Meaningful and Sentimental Best Man Speech

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Meaningful and Sentimental Best Man Speech

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to echo the groom's sentiments and mention that all the bridesmaids look truly beautiful, indeed.

Also, I'd like to say that the bride looks absolutely stunning today, as for the groom he just looks stunned. I am on a strict time limit from the bride, so the more you laugh at my jokes, the quicker my speech will be.

It is beautiful to see so many loving family members and friends here to share in this occasion, especially those who have traveled some distances to

be here with us today. For those of you who don't know me, I have been a friend of the groom's for seven years. He has many special friends, and haying the privilege of being chosen as his best man, from such esteemed company, is an honor the likes of which I have never had bestowed upon me.

I like to think that my selection as one of the best men is not really because your other friend canceled on you, but because I am one of the few people in the room and indeed alive that has actually seen you hit a homerun.

To be called a best man on a day like this is somewhat of a paradox. For today belongs to only one man, and that's you. No matter the size and liberality of the thoughts and tokens provided to you today you have already attained the greatest gift a man can wish for; the love of a woman as beautiful and caring as the bride.

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing, for a considerable portion of my life, both of them individually, before knowing them as a couple. The beautiful girl that every boy in our class was madly in love with and the boy from the baseball team, who I didn't like much at the time. Spending time with the two of them is like sl...

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...honor and respect both and for himself and for those he loves.
As is customary I should leave the groom with wise words, to help in your marriage. Since I am a bachelor, I have little experience to speak from, but I hope these help anyway:

1. Never go to bed angry; always stay up and argue.
2. Always remember those three little words that are so important in a marriage: "You're right dear.?
3. Lastly, under no circumstances will you swear at our wife, if there are ladies present.

Searching around to find a pertinent closing thought, all were overshadowed by the validity of the following: " You don't marry someone because you can live with them, you marry them because you simply cannot live without them." Ladies and gentlemen, if you could all be upstanding, and join me in a toast: To the two people who are so dear in all our hearts, the bride and groom.

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