Essay on Teaching is an Enormous Responsibility

Essay on Teaching is an Enormous Responsibility

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Teaching is an Enormous Responsibility

A teacher’s philosophy defines who he/she is and how his/her classroom will be managed. A teacher has to be in control of every situation plus at the same time treat his/her students with kindness, understanding, and as an equal individual in society. The students should be able to depend on their teachers for guidance, intellectual stimulation, and to be to be treated as an individual. The philosophy employed by a teacher will create who they are in their teaching methods and how well student will be able to learn and apply the subject area to their lives.

There are many methods for teaching. Many of these tie into the basic philosophies of education. My personal beliefs incorporate all the different philosophies. My main belief is essentialism. I believe that all schools need to get back to the basics. Reading, writing, and arithmetic make up the essentials of education. We use these essentials everyday whether we notice or not. Essentialists not only teach the basics, but also teach other things like morals, respect for authority, perseverance, and consideration for others in their everyday curriculum. In this philosophy, the teacher serves as the intellectual and moral role model for all of his/her students.

I will also rely on progressivism. Each person will be seen as a unique individual with different learning styles. Progressivists do believe in one constant truth: the universe changes. As the world and time changes, lesson plans will change to arouse curiosity and to push the student tot heir ultimate capabilities. A teacher will see each and every one of their students as an individual and will turn treat them as a unique ...

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...orever-changing world as the education that a person receives as a child.

As I look forward to my future career of teaching, I hope that I see a great and pleasant experience. Shaping the minds of a young individual is the hardest task in today’s society. In my chosen field of math, I know that the subject is applies all the time in everyday living. This makes what I teach very important to the future of my students. Bringing all of the aspects of each philosophy with me will help improve my teaching strategies and help me become a more well rounded teacher. I will do the best I am capable to be a positive role model and great influence. I will strive to help direct my students on the right paths that they make take in their lives. And above all, I must remember that as teacher, however dexterous I am, I must be willing to learn not just teach.

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