Essay about My Student-centered Teaching Philosophy

Essay about My Student-centered Teaching Philosophy

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My Student-centered Teaching Philosophy

What makes a good teacher? There are many factors that determined the answers to this question. The most dominant factor is the teaching philosophy. It plays a significant role in the teaching career because it determines what the teacher will teach and how he/she will teach. Personally, my teaching philosophy will be student-centered with the combination of three related theories, and emphasis on each student’s individual needs, and teaching multiculturalism and diversity.

The teaching should be student-centered. The purpose of education is to transform the knowledge to the next generation. Thus, everything we teach should be closely related to the student’s concern. The study shows that the students learn and gain more knowledge when they have desire and interest to learn and they are highly motivated.

My personal experiences of education are the most influential factor, which makes my philosophy of teaching is student-centered. I received my elementary education and middle school education in China. It was a totally teacher-centered education in China. The rules are very strict in the education system. Everyone was taking the same classes until college, not matter how exactly the level they are in. The teachers feed the students completely. It turns out the students have no desire and ability of creation. Everything in school has a format to follow. If the student doesn’t follow the rule properly, he will be in trouble. Everyone is the same and the academic score will be the only determination about the students. Under this kind of education, I felt that I had no desire of learning and didn’t gain much knowledge that I supposed to, except h...

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...assroom is necessary.

The teaching should also emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity. The world today is becoming smaller and smaller. Thus, in order to be successful in the future, it is very necessary to understand other cultures and tolerance the differences. The students should be exposed to these areas as early as possible. Thus, bilingual and even trilingual educations are very important to have in the school. Also, the students should be encouraged to learn and to experience other culture since they are young. The students are expected to become a world-man.

These are my thoughts about the education. It’s very liberal and student-centered. As a further teacher, I would like to follow these ideas of teaching and have my own school with these philosophies. Teaching is a noble profession, and I want to make the best out of it.

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