Essay about Evolution in the School System

Essay about Evolution in the School System

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Evolution in the School System

The debate over the teaching of evolution in schools has been an ongoing issue. It first came to the public’s attention in 1925 during the legendary trial Scopes v. State of Tennessee., also known as the Scope’s Monkey Trial. During that time, a young science teacher from Tennessee was on trial for teaching evolution in his classroom despite the state’s constitution stating that only creationism be taught. After much debate and deliberation, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of John Scopes, giving teachers throughout the state the freedom to openly teach evolution to their classroom (Farris 163). Much legislation has been passed since that trial, to either ban evolution, or further its cause. Today, the controversy has again begun with a new ruling by the Kansas State Board of Education. In a vote, the board has agreed to limit the teaching of evolution in the classroom. While many citizens and parents are thrilled that the students attending the schools will no longer be bombarded with half-truths and false teachings, others are dismayed that the origins of life will no longer be discussed, and the foundations of science have been abandoned for religious objectives.

Teaching evolution in schools affects everyone. Although evidence seems to support evolution, although evolution appears based on scientific fact, and many claim evolution harbors no racist points of view, the teaching of evolution should be limited in schools because evolution cannot be proven scientifically, evolution is a form of religion, and evolution promotes racist views. These reasons provide effective evidence to support the controversial topic of an evolution limit in schools.

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...borigines were primitive beings and still evolving (Ham 102). “In the children’s eyes, the teaching of evolution had relegated the Australian Aborigines to a sub-human level” (Ham 102). As with these students, the teaching of evolution opened a gateway into a negative, close-minded viewpoint called racism.

As the debate continues around the world, many are asking the question: should evolution be limited in schools? The answer is yes. The teaching of evolution, for all intents and purposes, fill the students minds with lies, religion, and racism, to suit any intellectual, doctrinal, and prejudiced need or desire. While the debate may extinguish itself in the next few years, there is no doubt that the underlying debate over fact or fiction, religion or science, and prejudice or impartiality will provoke many more such unresolved discussion in the future.

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