Essay on Pop Art, Postmodernism, and World War II

Essay on Pop Art, Postmodernism, and World War II

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Pop Art, Postmodernism, and World War II

Pop Art, a form of Postmodernism, describes the genre of art during and
after WW2. The question I am exploring within this topic is why did the
influence of the time period of World War II create such sexual and
abstract works of art ? The points of view I encountered delivered two
basic positions on the same issue. I studied a web site as well that
offered graphics to support and explain it’s position
( )

The idea or actual creation of sexual and abstract images have been
around for centuries, Yet the idea of linking a genre of art works to
the times in which they were created doesn’t appear as a major topic of
discussion. However the perspectives of Pop Art seem to dominate
fiercely in the world of art critics.

One of the first sources I examined was a web site on Pop Art. The
site’s view point suggested Pop as a form of political expressionism.
With text and graphics to support the position, it considered Pop as
metaphoric for a bigger statement of liberation. The idea of sexual
images were considered as permissible because censorship became a thing
of the past in the 60’s. Once the photographic technique was invented
and television that soon followed, the blood shed and graphic nature of
the war was brought inside our homes live and animated. In the mean time
art works became a reflection of this.

A written argument by art critic Jean Baudrillard shares the position
of the site yet while the sites position stands behind the theory of
television and technology as a meaning of why Pop existed the way it
did, Baudrillard has another theory.

... middle of paper ...

...ct on the world of art
in general.

Barthes who discusses Pop Art in it’s abstract form of repetition gives
an idea of the types of images that were created during the times of
WW2. In turn Baudrillard issues explicit analysis of Pop Art as a whole
especially , what I concluded to be a very resourceful explanation of
why Pop appeared the way it did. Both written sources seem to back up
the position of the web site in terms of critiquing the works as
symbolic of the times. Yet the theory of media playing the largest part
in the concept of Pop doesn’t render as precise for all my sources.

However after reading and analyzing all three sources I concluded,
these positions all seem to accept the idea of Pop Art as a means of
liberation in the concept of metaphoric symbolism rather it be sexually
abstract or simply abstract .

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