Essay on Cloning Customized Human Beings

Essay on Cloning Customized Human Beings

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Cloning Customized Human Beings

Advancement in genetic engineering has always been controversial. However, never before has it sparked more interest then with the advent of Dolly, which represents the possibility that human lives could change in more than conceivable ways, upsetting the whole dynamics of procreation. Dolly is an exact genetic duplicate of a 6-year old Finn Dorset ewe made by nuclear transfer technology (cloning). Although artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization has been around for some time, cloning differs in that only the cells of one species are needed. Dolly does not carry a combination of genes contributed by a father and a mother. She is the genetic equal of the Finn Dorset ewe which donated the nucleus.

The success of Dolly implied the possibility of tailor-to-make human beings. Human cloning hoists a huge array of ethical dilemmas that has to be carefully thought of and addressed before any further advancement in this field becomes counterproductive to the quality of human life. The growth and development of babies should come as a surprise...

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