America Censored: A Battle of Rights Essays

America Censored: A Battle of Rights Essays

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America Censored: A Battle of Rights

Welcome to the United States of America. This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. A place where our forefathers once gathered and drew up the foundation for which we live our lives. The Constitution of the United States grants us a certain amount of freedoms for which we cannot be punished for. The first amendment to this constitution of the Constitution allows us the freedom of speech, religion, the right to assemble, and to express ourselves in a way in which we feel fit. Under this amendment, people such as musicians and newsmen and able to write and speak what they feel without being told that it is wrong. They cannot be manipulated to change their thoughts or views on a topic, or can they? Even though the first amendment protects freedom of speech and press people everyday fight not to be censored because they write and speak what they feel. When people are censored for speaking their mind, it shows that the first amendment is nothing more than a falsehood that protects some but not all.

Letís start this off at the very beginning. What is Censorship? According to The American Heritage College Dictionary to censor is, "To examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable" (American Heritage College Dictionary 226). So basically it is when a select group of people go through books, movies, and music, and ask that anything that might be seen as offensive to a group of people or anyone in general be removed from the publication. Right away you can see how by doing this a personís first amendment is being violated. If, as Americans, we are granted the freedom of speech and expression then having something you write or say censored directly violates th...

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... day they die. Why donít we let them use it and everyone just worry about themselves. If you donít like something then stay away from it. Itís as simple as that. If it wasnít for the first amendment people like Tipper Gore wouldnít even have the freedom to speak her mind of what she was against. I think people need to step back from trying to act as god and control their lives. The freedom of speech and expression is one of the greatest things that we, as a country, have. How many countries out there can you get arrested for speaking out in public on an issue. The first amendment is such a great thing but it needs to hold true for all. If something is censored it is as if the government is playing favorites and if that holds true then we are not a free country at all. For everyone out there who is against censorship I have just one more thing to say to all of you...

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