Excellent Websites to Assist You in Buying a New Car Essay

Excellent Websites to Assist You in Buying a New Car Essay

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Excellent Websites to Assist You in Buying a New Car

By overcoming any fear about buying a car online, consumers can get that dream car for a great price, safely and securely - possibly even for a better price than offline. Are you in the market for a new or used car? Would you like to get some advice on safety ratings for certain cars, fuel efficiency, or trade- in value? If so, the fueleconomy.gov/feg/ and Carsdirect.com could have the answers to all of your vehicle- related questions and more. These sites are smoe of the best automotive websites in the cyber world. They allow a buyer to find a vehicle, conduct research, make a purchase, obtain financing, and buy insurance, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you are engrossed in finding out which new vehicles are equipped with alternative fuel technology for sure fueleconomy.gov/feg/ is the site for you. There is tons of information here including a full list of new Alternative Fuel Vehicles(AFV’s), a glossary of Alternative Fuel Vehicle terms, Alternative Fuel Vehicle photos and videos , success stories and all case studies about AFV’s.

The site is very extensive and there are links to other excellent sites, such as the Office of Transportation Technologies. Navigation is easy and there is plenty of material here to help you understand that the premium you pay for an AFV can be recovered in cheaper operating costs, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

It is such a great site . By far my beloved part is the Find and Compare Cars section of the website. There you can see how cars rate in terms of annual fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions, MPG (and even switch to metric units) and the overall air pollution score. You can search out a ca...

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... in your area, it will check into its national network of dealers until it finds the one you want, then swap the car with another vehicle at a local dealer located near your place. The vehicle will be shipped directly to you, if necessary.

Carsdirect.com misses a couple of services and features that some other sites possess. For instance, there is no option to buy used cars or to get information on used cars in general . It lacks some features like information on local gas prices and traffic conditions, like some of the other car sites offer. But with Carsdirect.com you get a great service and a no- haggle price , just like the name implies. If you are in the market for a new car, you may want to look at this site. You have nothing to lose, so why not give it a shot? You may find your dream car.




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