Violence Towards Women in Tibet Essays

Violence Towards Women in Tibet Essays

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Violence Towards Women in Tibet


Due to gender discrimination, there is more violence against Tibetan women than men by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Unconsented and forceful acts of violence have been committed against Tibetan women, specifically targeted at Buddhist nuns, since the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950. While Tibetan women non-violently protest the Chinese government, they are physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by troops and within prisons. The human rights of these women have been completely disregarded.

History of Women in Tibet:

Tibetan women essentially had equal rights with men in their country. They had the privilege of many civil liberties that women of other nationalities did not have. Outsiders viewed Tibet as a perfect society in the mountains. Although women had many rights and a lot of power within their own families, Tibet was no Shangri-La. While women were usually equal to men under the law, women in Tibet were clearly socially inferior to their male counterparts.

After the Chinese invasion of 1950, the Chinese claimed through propaganda that Tibetan women were repressed in the society. They claimed they would absolve women of their inferiority and get rid of class and regional distinctions. In fact they have only subjected women to more pain, torture, and emotional suffering.

In ancient Tibet, women take pleasure in similar culture and freedoms as men. Due to a culture of Tibetan Buddhism, equality is promoted throughout the country. Tibetologists explain hardships of women through the strict class variations instead of an inequality between the sexes.

Marriage rights in Tibet are equal for both men and women. There are three types o...

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