Tourism in Greece, Italy, and Turkey Essay

Tourism in Greece, Italy, and Turkey Essay

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Tourism in Greece, Italy, and Turkey

The fall in the costs of traveling over the past few decades has taken tourism out of the sole domain of the rich and extended it to the middle class. Consequently, the world tourism market has exploded, providing countries with a new source of jobs and income. In this paper I will examine the tourism industries in Greece, Italy, and Turkey in the context of both the European and worldwide tourism markets. Several questions will be addressed. How many tourists come to these countries annually? Where do these countries rank among the world's top tourist destinations? How much do tourists contribute to the local economy? From where do these countries draw most of their tourists?? What are the most popular cities to visit within these countries?? What are these countries doing to counter the effects of 11 September?

In 2001, Europe attracted 58 percent of worldwide tourists, continuing its trend of being the world's most popular tourist destination (WTO 13). Since so many people visit Europe, the tourist sector plays a vital role in the economies of the respective countries. The tourism industry as a whole has struggled since the 11 September terrorist attacks, falling 0.6 percent worldwide and 0.7 percent in Europe in 2001 (WTO 11). However, the regions in which Greece, Italy, and Turkey lie (southern Europe and eastern Mediterranean Europe) have proved to be more resilient than other areas.

Southern Europe actually experienced a modest 1.2 percent growth for the year (WTO 55). In the final four months of 2001, tourism in Europe dropped 6.6 percent, while the decline in southern Europe over this period was only 1.8 percent (WTO 11-12).? Moreover, due to strong growth in Tu...

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...stabilities in the Middle East, Turkey has remained a popular tourist destination.? It has done much to develop the industry and promote the country to others.? The dip in tourists post 11 September does not seem to have hurt the growth in tourism very much.? If regional conflicts are assuaged, Turkey?s already strong tourist sector should continue to expand significantly.? With the multitude of attractions that these countries have to offer visitors, tourism should continue to prosper in the future in Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

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