Religious and Architectural Sites of Florence Essay examples

Religious and Architectural Sites of Florence Essay examples

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Religious and Architectural Sites of Florence

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Italy is home to some 60 percent of the world?s most famous works of art.? Of these, one-half are found in Florence (19).? Florence gained most of this collection during the fifteenth century, when the Florentines decided to move back from Gothic fashion to the more Romanesque style of art and architecture.? This return to the Classic style is known as the Renaissance, and Florence was its birthplace.? Renaissance artists prospered greatly on account of the financial support they received from wealthy citizens (such as the Medici family) and the church, which purchased numerous works of art (6).? Further, the Florentines were a people of great civic pride, and found a means of expressing that pride through awe-inspiring monuments and statues of their patron saints (13).? With the will and the means, Florence became the home of many impressive works that have lasted to-date.?

In regards to its architecture, Florence was built over many years, being founded as a Roman colony in the first century BC (4).? It is therefore home to many buildings of Romanesque and Gothic style (6).? With the arrival of the Renaissance, buildings were made again in the classic style, which leads to the city?s diversity in architecture.? Similarly, ?many Florentine structures that outwardly exemplify architecture from earlier times also house interiors, typical of the renaissance? (6).? Illustrations of such changes can be seen among those buildings whose construction spanned the time when Florentines shifted from Gothic back to the Classical style.

Santa Maria Del Fiore:

One such example is Florenc...

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Sienna, original? Final Bell Tower.? Terrace by Francesco Talenti
drawing of the Bell Tower.

Source (8)

Basilica di San
Francesco, Assisi


Giotto?s Tower at the Duomo (Furman, Spring 2000).

Source:? (7)

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