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The Island of Crete Essay

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The Island of Crete

Although once a strategic military site even up through World War II, Crete is now a wonderful Greek asset full of history, culture, and beauty. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and is located in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is not only home to more than 550,000 Greek citizens; it is also the destination for more than one quarter of all visitors that come to Greece.

Crete is an island full of culture and celebration. Each town celebrates the day allocated to their patron saint, and there are cultural and wine festivals throughout the summer. The most important festivals on Crete are the Renaissance Festival in Rethymno, the Kyrvia Festival in lerapetra, Sitia?s Krnaria Festval, and Irakio?s summer arts Festival and the Lato Festival in Agios Nikolas. Important holidays on Crete are, of course, Easter, which is taken very seriously by all Greek orthodox believers. Other than Easter, Epiphany on January 6th, independence Day on March 25th, May Day on May 1st, the Battle of Crete during the last week of may, and Assumption Day on August 15th (Crete) .?


Crete is located in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is 3038 square miles, 161 miles long by about 38 miles wide in its widest part.? Crete is divided into four different districts, or ?Naomoi? in Greek.? From west to east these districts are Hania, Rethymnon, Iraklion, and Lassithi. In each of these districts are several municipalities and each of those municipalities is further broken down into several towns and villages. The major tourist spots are on the north side of the island, and subsequently all major towns are also on that side of the island. The east side of the island is by far the driest with...

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...ligious, and enjoy traditional Greek food.? Crete is a fascinating place with a unique culture, interesting sites, rich history, and natural beauty which anyone would be fortunate to experience during their lifetime.

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