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Geography/Economic Basics

Kavala, according to ?The Prefecture of Kavala,? is ?the most beautiful city in Macedonia? and lies along the Gulf of Kavala in the Northern Aegean Sea.? The city is shaped amphitheatrically along the coast and is located directly opposite the island of Thasos.? Additionally it is the second largest city in Macedonia, having a population of 70,000.? Kavala has largest tobacco industry in Greece (?Kavala (3)?), and is the major warehousing and exporting center for tobacco in the country (?The Prefecture of Kavala?).? East of Kavala, drained marshland supports the cultivation of rice and melons, while bee keeping and the production of wine from local vineyards are also thriving industries (?The Prefecture of Kavala?).? The weather conditions of Kavala follow distinct patterns according to the seasons. For example, winter is moderately cold, spring is brightly colored and scented, summer is cool at the seaside, and fall in the mountains surrounding Kavala is brightly colored with golden leaves (?Kavala (1).


Founded in the seventh century B.C, Kavala was first called Neapolis and supported Athens for many years in its war against Sparta.? In 350 B.C. Phillip II, king of Macedonia, gave his name to a nearby city, which became known as Philippi and dominated the area of present-day Kavala.? Historically, this area became central to the Macedonia region and it remains one of the most important archeological sites that can be found in Greece today.? Later, during the Roman era in 42 B.C., the battle of Philippi took place here (?Kavala (2)?).? The Romans used this port city as a center for trade and to serve the city of Philippi (?Kavala (1)?).? In fact, the Egnatian Way, an important...

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