The Conflict and Struggles in Iraq Essay

The Conflict and Struggles in Iraq Essay

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The Conflict and Struggles in Iraq

Throughout history, the United States has attempted to overthrow corrupt government in other areas of the world and instating democracies such as ours. What the United States fails to realize is that reforms in a country’s political structure do not occur overnight, but rather to enforce these new changes, money and time is required. Sometimes the money and time seem to be more than we as a country bargain for, but I am a firm believer that you finish what you start. Right now the conflict is in Iraq, where many Americans are angry at the amount of money and time that we are dedicating to installing a democratic government after the overthrow of their dictatorship. As a country, we should be behind our military and our government in supporting their war efforts and attempts to provide freedom and equality for the people of Iraq.

The main problem in Iraq is that their culture is centered around religion. Unfortunately, it is not just one main religion, but rather nineteen provinces and three separate forms of religion. The majority of the population is Islamic, and then broken into three sects of Islam: the Kurds, Shiites, and the Sunnis. To have a true democracy, the culture of Iraq must be adapted to separate religious beliefs from governmental policies. Since the melting pot of religions in America do not infiltrate the government, we as a society do not understand the difficulty of diffusing religion out of Iraqi government. To contribute to this setback, each group has different beliefs within their organization which cause continuing difficulty. As Hubert Locke states in his editorial to the Seattle Post Intelligence, “Yet at some point, we will ha...

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...or we cannot think that Iraq will become a truly independent state until we rebuild their economy and get their government standing on its own two feet. We cannot just be a country that invades and then leaves, the remaining citizens becoming lost. If this happens, of course there will be American resentment in the Middle East! We removed their political stability and now it is our job to restore their country with the benefits of freedom and hopefully more opportunity.

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