An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Essay

An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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An Overview of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, a concept that would make possible our most remote dreams, specially for housewives. Would not it be interesting to know what is this marvelous thing that is going to make our dreams come true? I think it is. AI(Artificial Intelligence) is a fairly new field in Computer Science, my subject, which I found very interesting. AI it is not a well defined concept yet, which it is not a surprise for me, considering that is a very new term and that it contains a word that is has not been well defined either. Through the years, psychologist have come up with many different concept for what intelligence is; some of them have become obsolete with the years, but there are a few that have transcend. Therefore, now a days we have various theories, and choosing one is a matter of opinion. This is one of the major reasons why scientific in the computer field have not been able to agree in a common concept for AI because each of then comes up with a theory based on the concept of intelligence they believe in, creating a dilemma similar to the one psychologist have with intelligence. Any way, here is the concept of intelligence that we will assume in this case: "One faction within the AI community defines intelligence as the ability to cope with change and to incorporate new information in order to improve performance"(Wash 1). This definition may not be the most popular one when we are talking about intelligence in human beings, but in my opinion it is the best one to use when defining AI. So using the previous definition of intelligence, Darrel Patrick Wash said that "Artificial Intelligence is that which mimics humans reasoning or sensing"(1). Where did it come from? Is i...

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...nology like this in a very civilized way. I guess it a feeling similar to the one that the creator of dynamite had. He knew he had created a marvelous product but what he did not imaging was the kind of destruction that this will bring. With equipment like the ones Artificial Intelligence can provide, we may be able to blow, not only the earth like it would happened if an atomic war occurs, but also a great part of the universe because these machines will be able to travel everywhere and may be also through time. I can only hope that when the moment comes to use it, we will be able to control our destructive nature and to concentrate in the great positives thing we can do with equipment like this. Like for example visit and exploring other planets.

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Wash, Darrel Patrick. "Artificial Intelligence." Occupational Outlook Quarterly Summer 1989: 2.

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