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It is a sunless morning shrouded in mist. The clouds look ominous with the threat of rain. It is quiet, for no creatures are awake yet, not even the hikers. The air is crisp and smells fresh after a night covered in the ocean fog. A Eucalyptus grove stands at the trail entrance with a deliciously pungent greeting that carries through the air. Along the trail as the foliage gets thicker, it is evident that Mother Nature knows the autumn season has arrived. Leaves have begun to turn the fall colors and drop to the trail floor. Even the poison oak has participated in autumn and looks colorful and festive. Golden Eucalyptus leaves litter the trail like sparkling, perfume-infused flecks of gold. The effect is magical. It is the perfect atmosphere to begin our ascent of Poly Mountain.

Turning off the beaten path, we made our way single file and marching like army troops, up the steep trail leading to a sloping canyon filled with wonders. There, upon the bluff, stood a pair of deer staring blankly at us as we snapped furiously with our cameras to hold this moment forever. Just as soon as the deer had appeared through the mist, they vanished. As the trail weaved higher and further away from civilization, birds, squirrels and deer emerged from their warm nests, burrows and dens. Bird songs fluttered through the air and more deer scampered down the trail heading to isolated meadows to fill their bellies with the delicious vegetation that Poly Canyon has to offer.

Poly Canyon, located directly behind Poly Mountain, is filled with flora.
Some is abundant like the Yucca Plant and poison oak. There are also some less abundant
species that cover the hills. The Coastal Live Oak trees are gentle gi...

... middle of paper ...

...e. It was the perfect moment; serene and natural. Nobody wanted to leave.

After being in such a high state, going back down the mountain into the real world was deflating. As we descended down to the “Poly P” and to the campus below,
reminders of civilization became more evident. Plastic bottles littered the trail. Pillow cases from the “P” were strewn all through the Yucca. Corroded barbed wire lined the gate back to the real world. We came across a water tank embedded in the hill,
surrounded by fences and warning signs. Patches of Star Thistle littered the path and
grabbed at our feet. The asphalt of the parking lot was ugly and covered the ground like a blanket of death for all the plant life on the hills. This “welcome” back to civilization made us yearn to climb back up the stairs to our heavenly view and escape civilization once again.

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