Essay on An analysis of the form of ideology of Evil Dead 2

Essay on An analysis of the form of ideology of Evil Dead 2

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An analysis of the form of ideology of Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 is a film directed by Sam Raimi who has set out to make a film of the comicall horror genre. The story is obviously the sequel to Evil Dead and follows the exploits of the same character ?Ash? as he takes a trip with his new girlfriend ?Linda?. Raimi has a history for making these types of films with obvious style similarities being seen between ?Evil Dead? and its sequel. ?Evil Dead? was the first feature length film Raimi made after quitting university to proceed with its making. Like ?Evil Dead 2? he worked with a low budget. $3 75.000 was collected from private investors and this was the films budget. Following the success of ?Evil Dead? he produced ?Evil Dead 2? this could be afforded a slightly higher budget due to its predecessor. Still ?Evil Dead 2? was a low budget film especially when compared to the extortionate budgets of other films around that time 1986. The film is 82 minutes long and took around three months to shot in very few locations. As the film is of the horror genre this lays down ground rules on the type of sets and lighting that will be used, as these have to appear quite dark to fit in with the theme. It is set in the 80?s which is the same period as it was shot, but it differs from most horror films in the way that the main character is a man (Ash). By doing this you are moved away from the general convention which is to have a ?last girl?. This means the audience sees Ash in quite a female role throughout the film, which fits with his character and name. His name being Ash is short for Ashley a non-gender-specific name.

Ash is seen throughout the film as a bit of an idiot really, he is constantly put into situations and does the oppo...

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...e obviously used to add humour, which is what they do. You see scenes were someone, like Jake, is killed and fountains of blood will pour out from the cellar where he is being decapitated. This scene could have been made very disturbing but as it is so un-graphic and all you see is the barrel loads of blood it becomes amusing instead. The effects artists tried to steer clear of using realistic looking blood as well as to them this wouldn?t look as amusing as green, or black.

Overall the form of ?Evil Dead 2? was not meant to be realistic or, as Bazin said it otherwise should, add to it. Its form creates an environment which is hostile but at the same time comical. It shows you a man who is tortured and tormented losing everyone around him, but makes this into an amusing tale. To do this it had to detach itself from reality, for otherwise this film would be hated.

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