The Search for Scientific Truth Leads to God Essays

The Search for Scientific Truth Leads to God Essays

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The Search for Scientific Truth Leads to God

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, many now realize that the opposition of science and religion has been exhausted. Today, unification of the two is imperative. The first step in this direction is recognizing that science is not the only source of knowledge; experience, spiritual discernment and spiritual experience constitute the unified process of cognizing the world.

I. About the Unified Language in which the Laws of Nature are Written

It began in Moscow more than forty years ago. At that time I had the chance to be the graduate student of the distinguished physicist, Nobel Prize laureate, and wonderful man, Igor Evgenievich Tamm. (1) In those days theoretical physics experienced a state of deep depression. After the success of quantum electrodynamics had astonished the imagination, further advancement was hindered by the lack of fundamentally new physical ideas.

With this Igor Evgenievich was repeatedly saying to me that, by inventing different models of interactions, we impose our own "human" language on nature. But nature does not understand us, and dialogue does not come about. That is why, our primary task is to learn to "listen" to nature in order to understand its "language." But where is this language? In what it is encapsulated? It is in laws. It is in the laws of Newton, in the equations of Maxwell, in Euclidean geometry, in the laws of quantum mechanics. All these laws are "written" in some unified language.

Thus at the end of 1960 there was set up a completely unusual task: to find the unified universal language in which all fundamental physical laws are written, and then, leaning on this, to review and to reassess the basis of all physics.


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...ld. And, though man is the product of evolution, that evolution is purposeful and has created him in "the image and likeness of God." Our capacity for creativity and for abstract thinking, and ability to understand the World around us is not "the property of highly organized matter," but presents itself as the particle of God inserted into us. And it is not labor at all, but only the very act of inspiration, in its own way, which detached man from the rest of the humanoid family as a unique creature.


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